finally! i made it!
i had to dig out my old diary to search for my email password [because to retrieve bloggie password, have to check in email..but i also forgot my email password, dammit!]

so i decided to change all password to one same password, to avoid me from forgetting and repeating the same thing again...


i miss my blog...


three journalists are sent to Amazon to make news broadcast about deforestation..very unlucky for them because they got caught by a group of cannibals there...the cannibals want to eat the journalists and de-skin them to make new clothes..

king cannibal: ooo...watta tasty treats God has sent to people, watta we shall do widda treats?
follower1: oiya...we yoos their skin for our clothes!!
follower2: agreeeee....we have long time got no new clothes..animals are reducing ledi...

(journalists are looking each other now...)

king cannibal: oiya..we people have agreee to eat ya'all and yoos ya'all skin for clothes..ya'all shall follow us because itis God's order....

(journalists now shaking all over...)

king cannibal: because ya'all have confirm to die...we people are heaven to let ya'all choooos ya'all own way to die...oiya______, bring tools for tis'all people for their self kill tool...
(a cannibal man then present the tools - rambo knife, elephant's trunk and swiss knife)

journalist1: i pick this rambo knife....(with tears rolling down his cheeks, he slash his head and die immediately...journalist2 cry loudly, and step ahead)

journalist2: i'll use the trunk...(he handed the trunk to one of the cannibal, and the cannibal man stabbed him to death...journalist3 had no choice but to use the swiss knife...)

journalist3: i wonder why i have to use silly to die...can i use my own weapon?
cannibal king: hoh hoh you wish...

(journalist3 slipped his hand into pocket,and bring out a lighter..the cannibals are shocked because they never see that weapon- the lighter)

journalist3: (say loudly) i'll burn myself to dust, so you cant use my skin ha ha ha....(and burn himself to die)

that night, the cannibals are having a feast and dancing around the fire, with their new clothes...few pairs of it, are charcoal black...(they did use the journalist3's skin...)